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Welcome to LaTonya!

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LaTonya who?

LaTonya Lloyd is a native of Chicago, Ilinois. She has always been known since kindergarten as a person who stood out. From the start, LaTonya has been taught to be a lady in everyway always to strive for academic acheivement. LaTonya was on the honor roll three years in row and top of her class from 1st thru 4th grade to receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb,IL LaTonya has learned knowledge with talent is power. She began modeling at the young age participating in church pageants and modeling shows. LaTonya was accepted into the Barbizon school of modeling as a teenager but funding was scarse and she had to put her dreams of modeling on hold. 

 The financial setback did discourage LaTonya, she continue to participate in her church young adult choir, high school drama club, high school pom-pom where her love for dancing began, and her church drama club.  LaTonya participated in several plays and musicals both in church and in school where she has written two stage plays. In high school, LaTonya was awarded a Percy L. Julian drama award for her role as Robin in the popular off-broadway musical Godspell.  As a drama student in high school she has performed in other plays and musicals such as The Chocolate Wedding, and Black Butterfly.  LaTonya's love for music and performance had increased watching her eldest brother the late L'Andre Patterson pursue his dreams to become a gospel recording artist.  She attended Northern Illinois University to study Economics and while in college LaTonya put becoming an actress on hold. However, she never let go of her ambition to being a high achiever.

Attending NIU, LaTonya became a member of the Leadership, Service, and Friendship coed Faternity Alpha Phi Omega, ran for homecoming queen and for Miss Black NIU both in 1997, and a member of the NIU black choir. As an alumni of NIU, LaTonya put much emphasis on the need to help others since mastering Economics, LaTonya has been drawn to both Native American and Entertainment Economics. Since her eldest brother's passing LaTonya has decided to return to her pursuit in entertainment.  For ten years LaTonya has also dedicated herself to volunteer her services at least four hours a month, such as a participating volunteer for the PGA Western Open tournament held in Lemont, IL, and an event volunteer with The Fairgodmother Foundation in Chicago, IL. LaTonya is currently studying to pursue her Bachelors of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Columbia College Chicago, she is studying dance at the Beverly Arts Center of Chicago and studying to become liscensed dancer with the Gathering of the Eagles Dance Institute in Columbus, Ohio. She is also an acting student at The Auditon Studio in Chicago, IL.  LaTonya is pursuing her dreams in entertainment full force because of her genuine love for performing rather it is in front of five people or a huge audience. This quiet, timid, and humble woman is a multi-talented, persevering, extraverted entertainer on-stage. LaTonya's hopes is to start her own production company and a bonified performer and playwright.

Special Interests and Hobbies

  • Piano
  • Acrylic and Oil Art Painting
  • Writing
  • Golf, Basketball, and Tennis
  • Outdoor camping
  • Dancing
  • Shopping
  • Activism, Volunteerism
  • traveling
  • Acheological Study of  historical events, people, and monuments
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    An entertainer's work is never done! 

    LaTonya Andrea Lloyd

    Years of Experience

    • Acting (Amateur and Professional) 7 years
    • Modeling (Amateur and Professional) 25 years
    • Dancing (Amateur and professional) 3 years
    • Playwright 2 years